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Info on upcoming Degrassi episodes

I am unable to get the scripts for upcoming episodes, but I can give you information about what is going to happen.

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Eyes Without a Face Part 2 (606) -  Darcy's  internet pics keep getting her deeper and deeper in.  Her and Spinner's relationship keeps spiraling downwards.  Ellie tries to mature herself to  impress the editor of her school's paper.
Working for the Weekend (607) - Spinner and Jimmy sell T-shirts together.  Alex finds out what it's like to return to high school after the rest of your class has already graduated.
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (608) - Sean moves in with Emma and her family.
What's It Feel Like to Be A Ghost? Pt. 1 (609) - Craig comes back but Manny's not sure she likes the way he is now. Liberty gets jealous of JT and Mia's "fling."
What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost? Pt. 2 (610) - JT and Mia start dating.  Craig has changed so much that not even Ellie may not be able to help him through.

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