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Degrassi Couples

JT and Liberty


Liberty and JT - Hooked up around the end of season four. Liberty got pregnant with JT's baby and they put it up for adoption. They are still going out now.

Ashley and Craig


Craig and Ashley - Ashley and Craig hooked up in season three until Craig cheated on her with Manny. They broke up for awhile until they got back together in season four.  Ashley just dumped Craig for another guy she met in England and is staying in England, leaving heart broken Craig alone at Degrassi.

Emma and Jay


Emma and Jay - I'm not sure you'd call them a couple. But they did some stuff at the ravine in season four and Emma was afraid she might have gonorrhea.  Jay happened to do this with many other girls and this tore Alex and Jay's relationship apart.

Hazel and Jimmy


Hazel and Jimmy - They were like the Golden Couple of Degrassi but ever since Jimmy had been in a wheelchair things hadn't been the same and Hazel sensed something happening between Ellie and Jimmy so they broke up.

Paige and Spinner


Paige and Spinner - Wow, I miss this couple. Hooked up in season two and broke up in season four when Spinner kind of cheated on Paige with Manny. -----> Hooked up at the end of season five but no relationship formed.

Manny and Spinner


Spinner and Manny - Were together for awhile in season four, but after Manny found out what Spinner and Jay had done, and how it had affected Jimmy, she pretty much dumped him.

Sean and Emma


Sean and Emma - This used to be my personal favorite couple.  They went out in season two and Emma shared her first kiss with him.  They broke up in season three as Sean become friends with Jay. Sean moved to Wasaga in season four after the shooting and when he came back just recently, sparks went flying between him and Emma.  Who knows what will happen now.

Craig and Manny


Manny and Craig - Manny and Craig had a date in season two, but it didn't work out because Craig thought Manny was too young. In season three, Manny decided she didn't wanna be cute and adorable anymore, but hot. She changed her entire look and one night after Craig had a fight with Ashley, him and Manny "did it."  Manny got pregnant with Craig's baby and got an abortion.  -----> Manny and Craig are now going out again.

Marco and Ellie


Ellie and Marco - Ellie and Marco had been meant for each other, well, until Marco realized he was gay. They went out for awhile in season two until Marco told her he was gay. They kept on pretending to be together so Marco wouldn't have to tell everyone he was gay until season three when Marco finally got the courage to tell everyone he was gay.

Dylan and Marco


Marco and Dylan - Marco and Dylan started going out in season three and broke up in season four when Dylan said he wanted to "see other people." -----> They are now back together.

Ellie and Sean


Ellie and Sean - Ellie and Sean became a cute couple in season three after they shared a Saturday detention together.  They broke up in season four after Sean moved to Wasaga Beach after the shooting.

Emma and Chris


Emma and Chris - Chris was there for Emma while she was going through that hard time with Sean in season three. They went out for awhile in season three and broke up in the summer between season three and four for an unknown reason.

Manny and JT


Manny and JT - In season three, JT devolped a crush on Manny after her intense switch over [[thong]] and she decided to give him a chance.  They broke up in season four because Manny thought JT was too immature and wanted a "real man."

Jimmy and Ashley


Ashley and Jimmy - Ashley and Jimmy went out in season  one and Ashley took ectasy and made out with Sean and that was the end of their relationship.  In season two, Ashley thought maybe her and Jimmy could get back together but realized she would have to change everything about her just to be with him, and that wasn't what she wanted.

Matt and Paige


Paige and Matt (Mr. Oleander) - Paige had liked Matt since he first started teaching at Degrassi in season 4. And everyone knows Paige always gets the guy she wants. She got Matt too. Her and Matt started dating illegally and they were caught. Matt was kicked out of his teaching school and is not doing very well now. He broke up with Paige in the second episode of season 5, giving her drugs as her Christmas present.

Jay and Alex


Alex and Jay - Alex and Jay both came to Degrassi in season 3 and were already dating. They just recently broke up around the end of season 4 because Alex found out what Amy and Jay had done at the ravine.

Peter and Emma


Emma and Peter - Emma and Peter started going out in season 5, but they had to keep it a secret from Manny because Manny hated Peter.  Soon though, their relationship went public and they were like the new Golden Couple until Sean came back and now who knows what's going to happen.

Spinner and Darcy


Darcy and Spinner - Darcy and Spinner started going out in season five and Darcy got Spinner into Friendship club and religous things.  Soon enough, Spinner got sick of it and they took a break over the summer.  Now they're back together and Darcy's losing all her morals....

Alex and Paige


Alex and Paige - Paige had never had any feelings more than friendship toward another girl....until she befriended Alex.  Paige tried to hide her feelings at first but soon they were a couple.  They broke up at the end of season five.

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